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Our Philosophy

Green beauty is at the core of our practice. Green beauty means revealing and enhancing our own natural beauty. As human beings Natural beauty is at our core. Sometimes our beauty is masked by some irregularities and sometimes we start loosing that by age, stress, environmental factors or physical, mental and habitual disorders.

At Paad Wellness+DermEsthetics we believe in the Green Beauty. That`s why we have chosen Responsible Beauty as essence of our effective treatments.

In this concept we respect the body`s natural physiology. By Responsible Beauty we awake the asleep natural physiology to make face and body healthier and more beautiful. That`s why our procedures are often totally non-invasive without causing any damage to the cells and by improving body`s natural physiology. We may use some minimally invasive methods when they are needed to achieve our final goal of getting healthier, more beautiful body and skin.

Here are some examples:

  • We enhance skin quality by stimulating skin Fibroblasts to produce new Collagen fibers. That increase in our natural collagen load make the skin healthier, brighter and thicker with less lines, wrinkles and pores.
  • We make the natural lift both in face or body (breast, abdomen, buttock, …) by increasing the natural collagen fibers, aligning them in anti-gravity order and strengthening the underlying muscles .
  • We reduce the stubborn localized fats by awakening the natural Adipocytes (fat cells) metabolism to release their storage fat. (Balanced diet and exercise are complementary)
  • We eliminate the cellulite and make the skin healthier, firmer and smoother by strengthening connective tissue and reducing hypodermal fat.
  • We reduce the puffiness and edema by improving venous and lymphatic circulation and drainage of accumulated fluid.
  • We reduce the pigmented skin and its dullness (peri-oral and peri-orbital dark circles, melasma) by increasing the skin microcirculation and draining out the toxins and waste products beneath the skin from the body. We may use it in combination with some depigmenting creams.

Welcome to Paad Wellness

PAAD WellnessAbbas Rafieefar M.D. (IMG) is an international medical doctor graduated from shiraz university of medical sciences and member of ASLMS (American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery). As a Certified Trainer of LPG systems in the field of Aesthetic medicine and sport medicine from France and Trained physician in the field of Dermatology Laser Medicine from UK and Denmark he has been involved in many training courses as well as medical laser procedures since 2001. His 16 years of hands-on experience in the field of Aesthetic Laser Medicine combined with his theoretical knowledge as a Medical Aesthetics Trainer led to a systematic research works. Dr.Abbas Rafieefar (IMG) has been an active member in several dermatology laser or sport medicine researches which led to five published Studies*. He is also founder of Paad Wellness and Dermatology Centre in Shiraz-Iran in 2005 and Paad Wellness + DermEsthetics Cenre in Vancouver-Canada in 2011.
– Joint International Laser Conference Edinburgh-Scotland – American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery annual congress USA – 9th International Congress of Dermatology Beijing-China.