A green way to have a localized fat reduction

It doesn’t matter how much you exercise or eat clean, some spots in your body just won’t melt fat once it’s there. That happens for several factors, genetics being the main one. If you are thinking about getting surgery to get rid of this, think again: there are green techniques to help you having a localized fat reduction. They are way less risky and less invasive to your body!

LPG lipomassage

This localized fat reduction treatment is painless, requires no downtime and works based on the principle of cell stimulation, which is a natural procedure from your body. The equipment is used to massage your body in specific areas and, with this stimulation on the skin surface, several phsysiological processes are reactivated.

One of these processes is the natural lipolysis, which is the breakdown of lipids – a.k.a. fat. It also stimulates the production of endogenous collagen, elastin ad hyaluronic acid, all wonderful for your skin health. An easy way to put it: you’ll be getting rid of fat while firming your skin (perfect formula, right?).

LPG is also very useful for those who practice sports frequently, since it eliminates fibrosis and edema and prepares muscles, besides helping them recover.

Why choose a green beauty treatment?

Simply because this type of treatment is not harmful to your body. A green treatment is not invasive (because is non-surgical!), doesn’t require downtime and works organically, meaning it improves procedures that are normal to your body but might be not as active as it once was.

Now that you know you can achieve the results you want without putting your body in danger, try our options! Our team is specialized in green treatments, like localized fat reduction, and is always ready to give you the best suggestions to what fits your body better. You can contact us or visit! We are in two different locations in Vancouver: 2223 West Broadway or 1888 Marine Drive.

Regenlite in Vancouver: say bye-bye to acne!

More than an aesthetic problem, acne can negatively influence ones self-image and confidence, causing psychological problems to whoever holds it. The beauty industry has been trying to find ways to minimize acne symptoms for a long time now, coming with solutions that sometimes can be harmful for people who try it, like oral medicines with strong side effects. For those who want to go with a less-invasive, greener option, there is a laser light treatment closer than you think! Bear with us to find more about Regenlite in Vancouver.

What is Regenlite?

Have you ever asked yourself why the scars appear depressed into the skin? It’s because the skin’s structures are damaged. What Regenlite does is to reorganize those structures, remodeling the skin from the inside out. That’s possible because the laser activates collagen production, creating a natural healing process.

The procedure doesn’t cause you any pain or risk and doesn’t require any downtime. And there’s a plus: it will smooth wrinkles and redness that might be in the same region.

How is it different from other laser treatments?

Usually, laser treatments vaporize superficial layers of skin cells at very high temperature. It is surely effective, but it is also associated with a high incidence of uncomfortable side effects. Besides, Regenlite show very consistent results in different patients, the same doesn’t happen with treatments which focus in the outer skin lawyer.

Can I find Regenlite in Vancouver?

You surely can! Paad Wellness + Dermesthetics offers this treatment, since it is based on the green beauty concept: effective and safe procedure used to improve the body’s natura physiology and tissue quality.

Besides getting treated with Regenlite in Vancouver, make sure to take care of your skin to prevent new acne problems. We talked more about how to prevent acne in this post.

You can get more information by contacting us or visiting us on 2223 West Broadway or 1888.