Breast firming and reshaping without surgery

30 Nov 2017 Uncategorized

After breastfeeding or a big weight loss it is normal for the breasts’ appearance to change. If you went through that situation and doesn’t want to have a surgery to gain your breast’s shape again, a good solution is to have a green treatment. Meet the breast firming and reshaping techniques that don’t require any surgery.

LPG Endermolift

Lifmassage perform to raise and reshape the breastswith elasticity. Liftmassage has the effect of firming and toning the breast tissue and, over a period of time, lifting on the entire breast. The treatment is safe, green and totally non-invasive. It strengthens the breast connective tissue mainly by enhancing number, quality and alignment of collagen fibers in anti-gravity manner.


By activating the sympathetic nerve, this system strengthens the blood pressure of the capillary vessels in breasts and promotes the secretion of localized oestrogen. It accelerates microcirculation, thickens connective tissue, consolidates the support structure of the breast suspending ligament and promotes growth of the breast cells.

This technique uses the concept of skin electroporation in order to perform no-needle mesotherapy. It applies a round strategy of skin penetration enhancement which involves electromagnetic waveforms, special electrodes and a methodology of drug application that keeps the pH of the skin and of the substance in mind to increase the transdermal flow.

Thanks to a process called Hypodermic Transdermal Delivery, the products used on the treatment penetrate not only the superficial layers of the skin, as for example skin creams do when we use it. The process allows the ingredients to reach deeper layers, where they are most needed. This way, hyaluronic acid, phosphatidylcholine, Coenzyme Q10 and collagen are delivered into the tissue with the effectiveness of an injection.

At PAAD you can find all of these techniques to have breast firming and reshaping. If you want to schedule an appointment, contact us!

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