double chin reduction vancouver
Double Chin Reduction Vancouver

Double chin reduction Vancouver tackles problems such as loss of jaw line, double or fatty chin and neck lines

Double chin reduction Vancouver, or the LPG Face Contouring treatment offered by Paad Wellness+DermEsthetics, is an FDA-approved, non-invasive and 100% natural procedure that has the added benefit of being pain-free. Double chin reduction in Vancouver will change the way you view non-surgical treatments. Acclaimed as being one of the world’s first patented technologies in this area. Whether you are suffering from bulky fatty double chin or a sagging loose skin the LPG Endermolift & Regenlite Laser can help you. LPG Endermolift assists in double chin reduction treatments, working to contour and shape your skin in the process. When there is a sagging loose skin we combine the LPG Endermolift with Regenlite to make the skin tighter and healthier while LPG works on the loos connective tissue beneath the skin. Combining the Endermolift rolling mechanism with flap lift heads triggers deep biological responses, reactivating the production of collagen and elastin. Feel the effects after your very first session, and relish the experience of looking and feeling younger and naturally firmer, smoother skin. At Paad wellness, we also combine our new Sublime Contouring treatment with LPG Lift to maximize efficacy in double chin reduction and skin firming.
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