Rosacea Treatment Vancouver
Rosacea Treatment Vancouver
Rosacea Treatment Vancouver
Rosacea Treatment Vancouver

Dermatologic Disorders &
Rosacea Treatment Vancouver


Psoriasis, Eczema , Inflammatory Skin conditions:

Whether you are suffering from eczema, psoriasis,  inflammatory acne, any other dermatologic disorders or are looking for effective rosacea treatment Vancouver, we can improve that inside out.

Regenlite in its Acne and Anti-inflamatory mode enables the management of inflammatory skin conditions without any discomfort, downtime or residual cell necrosis.

Biostimulatory effect

Using a unique and patented laser cavity design, laser parameters are produced that can initiate a biostimulatory effect in the tissue, stimulating important cytokines that can support downregulation of any localised inflammatory cascade and resolve active dermatological disorder. These cytokines, which can increase by up to 1500% above normal tissue levels, have been measured as soon as 3 hours after the laser treatment, demonstrating the ability for rapid relief of these inflammatory conditions.

This unique biostimulatory effect in the tissue enhances the skins wound healing response
over and above the normal levels of response without having to create a trauma unlike the mechanism of most laser and light therapies.

Smartpulse Technology

Regenlite Transform 585nm laser light is preferentially absorbed by oxyhemoglobin, creating a minute low-grade heating of the microcapillary walls. Fenestration of these walls releases inflammatory mediators such as TGF-ß.
585nm laser light is preferentially absorbed by oxyhemoglobin

SmartPulse technology maximizes collagen stimulation without causing long-term impairment. Regenlite Transform requires less energy and is less painful than other aesthetic devices in treating a wide range of skin conditions.
With Regenlite SmartPulse, 80% of the energy is delivered in the first 150μs

The importance of TGF-ß in the dermis

TGF-ß is the messenger that stimulates the fibroblast cells for neocollagenesis. In tissue where an inflammatory cascade is active, TGF-ß downregulates this cascade, quickly resolving the inflammation, such as found in active acne lesions, Eczema or underlying psoriatic plaques.

TGF-ß has a pivotal role in acquiring an immune response in the tissue, which can allow the re-establishment of the skin’s normal negative feedback mechanism to cause normal lesion resolution rather than the progression into inflammation. In Acne cases, it is this mechanism that is over-stimulated or faulty as a result of increased androgen levels. The ‘re-boot’ of this mechanism can prevent microcomedone formation prevent future acne outbreaks.

In non-inflammatory tissue, the TGF-ß is able to use its full potential in fibroblast stimulation, creating new collagen production to remodel the dermis where unwanted lines or scars are present. This collagen remodeling occurs without detriment to existing healthy connective tissue fibers as is often seen in other ‘thermal’ light based methods.

If you are looking for rosacea treatment Vancouver, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts!