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5 Ways Laser Hair Removal Will Change Your Life

Those of us with more hair on our bodies are always looking for the next best thing when it comes to hair removal. Whether it be new razors, at-home laser kits promising permanent hair reduction, depilatory creams or waxing products, the search never ends. Every traditional hair removal method has its pros and cons, albeit more cons.

The Cons of Other Hair Removal Methods

Waxing is painful, can leave skin red and irritated with bumps and breakouts, and can actually pull and tear at the skin stimulating early onset of wrinkles. It is also incredibly time consuming and financially draining.

Shaving causes razor bumps, and as soon as you have shaved your legs, the hair comes poking through just a few hours later. It requires constant maintenance and the stubbly regrowth can be frustrating.

Depilatory creams can burn sensitive skin and the chemicals absorbed through the skin are not good for health, or in the presence of children in your home.

At-home laser kits can be very time consuming as they only cover very small surface areas, are incredibly expensive and can be dangerous without the assistance of a professional that knows the settings and can adjust them according to your skin tone.

Smooth Skin

We all love the way our skin feels after a good wax or shave. Laser hair removal offers just that, but every day. Baby-soft skin without fear or expectation of stubbly regrowth. After a few sessions, you will notice the genuine difference this treatment makes in your confidence, and comfort. Not to mention no more visible black dots after you shave! After laser hair removal, the hair follicles close up, leaving you with flawless skin.

No More Products

No more spending money on razors, epilators, depilatory creams, wax strips, hot wax kits, or flimsy at home laser machines that don’t work.

Long-Term Investment

When you invest in Vancouver laser hair removal once, it pays off for the rest of your life. Not only with your confidence, comfort and peace of mind, but with how much less money and time you are spending doing the not-so-enjoyable task of removing your hair.

Less Planning

You will no longer have to plan ahead for your leg hair to grow out so you can get waxed on the perfect day before your beach-vacation, or have to remember to pack your razor in your suitcase.

Easy Maintenance

At most, you can come back once a year for maintenance treatments after your laser hair removal sessions package is completed. Maintenance is inexpensive and easy, as it will only be targeting thin, stray hairs you wish to zap that have grown back.

Contact us at Paad Wellness to learn more about our Vancouver laser hair removal treatments and book a free consultation! We can wait to change your life!

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