Acne Scar Treatment Vancouver with Regenlite Technology

Acne Scars are commonly the result of inflamed acne caused by skin pores adsorbed with excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria.

Therefore, an Acne Scar Treatment promotes better skin health, improves your appearance and promotes your self-esteem.

Regenlite for Acne Scar Treatment

Regenlite is the first method that allows us to apply active acne scar treatment effectively without pain, risk, or downtime. In fact, it remodels the skin, from the inside out. With acne scarring, the skin structures are damaged, which is why scars appear depressed into the skin. Nevertheless, Regenlite activates your body’s natural collagen production processes to repair that damage. It remodels the “sunken in” areas so that the areas are flatter and smoother.

Laser for Active Acne Treatment

For acne sufferers, laser light kills and reduces bacteria-causing infection and stimulates the natural repair mechanisms of the skin. Therefore, the light penetrates the blood vessels and stimulates the body’s natural collagen production, enhancing skin rejuvenation and reducing wrinkles or acne scarring.

Comparing Regenlite With Ablative/Semi-Ablative Laser Acne Scar Treatments

Ablative laser treatments vaporize superficial layers of skin cells at very high temperature. While it’s effective, it is associated with a high incidence of side effects and typically requires a lengthy healing period (weeks).

There might be some discomfort and some variability in results. Common non-ablative laser treatments can have a lower incidence of side effects and shorter healing time. However, they have historically required numerous treatments over many months and has widely variable, and only temporary, results.

Sublative and microneedling are other effective approaches for treating acne scars from the inside-out. Contact us for acne scar treatment.

How Can Regenlite Acne Scar Treatment Help My Skin?

Regenlite uses the latest generation of technology to treat a series of skin conditions, such as:

  • Reduces scarring
  • Reduces acne
  • Improves collagen production
  • Enhance skin rejuvenation

How Does The Regenlite Acne Scar Treatment Work?

It is a pretty simple acne scar treatment, it normally takes around 30 minutes to treat the whole face. The patient might feel the face getting warmer but the treatment is usually fast and painless. The laser light will kill and reduce the bacteria causing the infection while repairing mechanisms of your skin resulting in treated acne scars.



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