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Active Acne & Acne Scar Treatment with Regenlite

10 Jan 2018 Face Treatments

Acne can annoy and frustrate people, especially teenagers and adults, and if it remains on our skin for long time, it changes into acne scars, which can be frustrating to say the least. However, here is an amazing solution: active acne and acne scar treatment with Regenlite. This treatment is painless, and requires no downtime or risk while it works very effectively. If you take active acne and acne scar treatment, not only will your acne skin change, but help improve your confidence. Let’ s see how Regenlite works for each type of active acne and acne scar.


How does it work for active acne?

The bacteria causing acne is killed and decreased with Regenlite’s laser light during active acne and acne scar treatment, and at the same time the laser light encourages the skin to be repaired. It also helps the body produce collagen naturally. The collagen helps to rejuvenate your skin, and encourages the smoothing out of wrinkles and acne scarring.


How does it work for acne scars?

While your acne scars are forming, your skin is undergoing damage, making it bumpy. The Regenlite machine helps your skin produce collagen. and the collagen is what restores the damage, all done the natural, green beauty way. For this reason, your skin becomes flat and smooth after the treatment. Even if you have winkles or redness on your skin at the same time, we can treat those! We are totally on your side!


How about other treatments for acne scars?

There are two types of acne scar and active acne treatments. One of them is non-ablative laser treatment including Regenlite, the other is an ablative/semi-ablative laser treatment.

On one hand, with non-ablative laser treatments, you seldom have side effects, and the healing time is short. However, the results by other non-ablative laser treatments except Regenlite are temporary, so you should take them for many times over months.

On the other side, ablative/semi-ablative laser treatments warm skin cells at very high temperature, so it works effectively. Because of that, it is easy to cause the side effects compared with non-ablative laser treatments, and its healing time is long.


We are proud of our active acne treatment Vancouver with Regenlite, and we believe it will help you have less worries about your skin, and embrace it with confidence ! If you have any questions or inquiries about acne or other facial problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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