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All About Green Beauty

Vancouver Green Beauty – the word green implies respect for the environment and an intimate connection with nature. Recent years, there are more and more people going green. Last year, a poll found that 73 percent of millennial women seek out cleaner, all-natural products.

What is Green Beauty?

Green Beauty focuses on the relationship between natural beauty and physical irregularities. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, it can determine how you feel. Green beauty believes that we are all naturally beautiful. We do not have to sacrifice our precious health or environment to achieve healthy and glowing skin. We should also love our planet as much as our skin and body.

Rule #1:

If you do not want to put it in your body, do not put it on your skin.

Your skin is a huge sponge that could absorb all kind of things. Applying something toxic topically can more dangerous than swallowing it because it goes directly into the bloodstream and is transported to a variety of vulnerable organs very quickly.

Rule #2:

The Butterfly Effect – your choice matters.

Making a small choice of supporting Green Beauty can go a long way. Using natural products is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t create demand for the production of toxic chemicals or leave harmful residue during disposal into landfills.

Why and how do we endorse Green Beauty at Paad Wellness+DermEsthetics?

At Paad Wellness+DermEsthetics we believe in Green Beauty. Our treatments are often gentle without causing considerable and long term damages to your skin.

We enhance skin quality by stimulating skin Fibroblasts to produce new Collagen fibers. That increases our natural collagen load making the skin healthier, brighter and thicker with fewer lines, wrinkles, and pores.

If you have any questions regarding our treatments or would like to receive a free consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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