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Anti Aging Treatment

We over many anti aging treatments but one treatment that many of our clients love is the Triniti Plus.  Here we give you the low-down on the number one anti aging treatments – the Triniti Plus.

The Triniti Plus is an effective skin renewal treatment, able to improve uneven skin tone and texture, as well as treat fine lines and wrinkles in as little as three sessions.

Through the Elos Plus multi-application system, the Triniti Plus series merges some of the most effective skin renewal technologies into one single treatment.

Each Triniti Plus treatment session includes:

1. Color Correction

Using SR/SRA elos plus technology, the first part of your Triniti Plus treatment is designed to improve uneven skin tone, sun damaged skin, spider veins and brown spots.

2. Contouring

The next step of your anti aging treatment is designed to combat the effects of gravity. Sublime skin tightening treats fine lines and wrinkles for smoother skin and a youthful profile.

3. Wrinkles and Texture

The final step of your Triniti Plus treatment is designed for optimal skin rejuvenation. Sublative skin rejuvenation targets the telltale signs of aging and unwanted texture.

How many treatments are required?

Triniti Plus saves time compared to other treatment programs as all three treatments are completed in just one session. Depending on an individual’s specific skin concerns, additional sessions may be added for further benefits. We recommend a touch-up treatment annually.

Does it hurt?

Although most of our clients find the Triniti Plus treatment quite comfortable, external cooling and/or a topical anesthetic cream can be requested to increase client comfort. Almost all of them are able to return to their regular day immediately after treatment.

Is there downtime?

There is no required downtime and clients may return to their normal activities immediately after the anti aging treatment. An aftercare program will be provided to all clients at the end of their treatment and should be followed for optimal healing.

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When can I expect to see results?

Typically results are seen gradually and continually over the weeks following the anti aging treatment with optimal results showing approximately four weeks post-treatment.

If you take a pro-active approach to aging and live healthily, avoid direct sun, invest in a good sunscreen and use it daily, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep, you’ll be able to stave off the effects of aging for much longer than you thought possible.

How can Regenlite help my skin?

Regenlite uses the latest generation of technology to treat a series of skin conditions, such as:

  • Reduces scarring
  • Reduces acne
  • Improves collagen production
  • Enhance skin rejuvenation
  • Warts and skin tags

How does the treatment work?

It is a pretty simple treatment, it normally takes around 30 minutes to treat the whole face. The patient might feel the face getting warmer but the treatment is usually fast and painless. The laser light will kill and reduce the bacteria causing the infection while repairing mechanisms of your skin.

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