stretch marks causes

5 Stretch Mark Causes

A stretch mark is a change of structure and color of a skin due to overstretching of a specific layer of skin-collagen. Stretch marks are typically red or white and can remind a scar because of its look. Of course, no one likes negative changes in their body, but sometimes it happens. It is important to know what causes such dramatic changes and five most common stretch marks causes.



Oftentimes, stretch marks causes are the following:

Fast muscle gain

Stretch marks often appear when people are over focused on muscle gaining and especially when they use prohibited pharmacology to gain muscles. Fast grow of muscles often results in stretching of the skin, and, finally, in stretch mаrks.

Pregnancy and lactation

Pregnancy is a happy period for any future mother and father. During this period, woman experience a lot of stress, changes in hormones, gain extra weight. All these changes in woman`s body cause stretch marks in upper and lower body. After pregnancy woman feeds a baby with breast, which also causes stretch marks on the breast.

Puberty period

Teenagers experience numerous changes in their body during this period. The most important here that sometimes their body grows faster than their skin and it is possible that some little strеtch marks will occur, but they are not as visible as

Fast gaining of weight or obesity

When people gain weight, their skin stretches a lot which is one of the most often causes of strеtch marks.


Some diseases of the endocrine system are accompanied by obesity and the appearance of stretch marks, they can also cause the appearance of hypertrichosis.

Are stretch marks dangerous?

Good news – stretch marks are not dangerous for our health. They are a cosmetic defect, that is why people want to remove them. Stretch marks can also give a signal that something is wrong with your health, like the level of hormones.

If you notice stretch marks on your body – it is a good idea to book an appointment for a professional free consultation.

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