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Sagging Skin On Face? Do You Need a Natural Face Lift?

Aging is not merely a skin problem. The skin is attached to the facial muscles, consequently when the muscles droop and sag, the skin attached comes down with them. Sagging skin and droopy face are part of life’s natural progression. Here we will discuss 2 major factors that may cause your face to sag, thus treatments available in the market, such as a natural face lift. 

Major Factors Causing Your Face to Become Saggy

1.Excessive Sun Exposure

The sun’s ultraviolet light damages skin elastin. This is why people who spend long hours under the sun have wrinkly and saggy skin. Sun damage may not be showing in your twenties, but the damage may creep up later in life. Therefore, don’t forget to slather up on sunscreen even in colder weathers.

2.Repetitive facial expressions that pull your face downwards

Gravity does a lot of harm to our skin, especially when our collagen and elastin start to erode over time. What’s worse is that a repetitive facial expression can contribute to sagging jowls. If you’ve been pouting your lips a lot to register your displeasures, you may want to change your facial expression and smile a bit more for the sake of your skin.

Myth: You can do facial exercises to reduce skin sagging

Partially True: They increase the size of facial muscles, which, while theoretically taking away some of the slacking skin, also causes expression lines. So while a few workout moves might help relieve basset hound like eyes, they will also worsen crow’s feet, aka “character lines”. Therefore, a face lift is certainly more effective.

Have you noticed if your skin is showing signs of sagging? If so, it’s a good idea to identify the major culprits that’s causing the sag. If you are self-conscious about the sag, you might want to consider a natural face lift in Paad Wellness+DermEsthetics.


With LPG Endermolift, we exercise the skin and connective tissue beneath.

It is 100% natural and non-invasive, an ideal anti-aging solution.

  • replenish
  • firm
  • clarify
  • redensify

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of our treatments, we would love to offer you a free consultation.

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