Before and After Double Chin Reduction Treatment

before and after double chin reduction treatment

Before and After Double Chin Reduction Treatment

Double Chin Reduction Vancouver

Double Chin Reduction 

The LPG face contouring treatment for double chin reduction is an FDA-approved, non-invasive, painless and 100% natural procedure. It is acclaimed as being one of the world’s first patented technologies in this area.


Whether suffering from fatty double chin or a sagging loose skin, the LPG Endermolift & Regenlite Laser assist in contouring and shaping your skin. It will firm the skin while LPG works on the loose connective tissue beneath the skin.


Feel the effects after your very first session, and relish the experience of looking and feeling younger with naturally firmer, smoother skin. At Paad wellness, we also combine our new Sublime contouring treatment with LPG Lift to maximize efficacy in double chin reduction and skin firming.

What causes a Double Chin?

A Double Chin is caused by an extra layer of fat that develops beneath the chin. Usually, associated with weight gain, however, that is not always the case. Aging, genetics and diet are some of the factors that might cause a double chin.

LPG Endermologie

According to LPG Endermologie, Double Chin affects both men and women of all ages; it distorts your facial features and makes your face heavier. It is generally cause by the accumulation of fatty masses, but can also arise as a side effect of sagging skin, due to reduced synthesis of natural collagen and elastic fibers.

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