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How diet affects skin health

As cliché as it might sound, it is true: you are what you eat. Your diet affects skin health, mood and body more than you imagine. That’s why, besides having a proper skin routine and regularly having beauty treatments, you should pay attention to what you eat.

Bear with us and get to know what you should be avoiding in order to have a better skin:

  1. Simple carbohydrates

This type of carbohydrate cause insulin levels to spike and create a wave of inflammation throughout the body. With this inflammation, the collagen and elastin (which gives the skin elasticity and strength) suffers a breakdown. Besides, simple carbohydrates means sugar, and sugar, when attached to protein, causes an effect called “advanced glycation end product”, which causes sagging skin and breakouts.

  1. Fatty protein

Fat meat, like pork or red meat, results in puffy, dull skin, and dark under eye circles. If you want to avoid it, choose lighter meat options, like chicken or fish. Some types of fish, like salmon and sardine, can even fight acne inflammation!

  1. Caffeine

More caffeine means more cortisol, which often leads to acne breakouts. So, if you need your coffee, try decaf! Also, choose caffeine free soda – or, better yet, no soda at all!

  1. Salty foods

When you eat salty foods, you retain water, and this is what makes your skin seem puffy and bloated. Try to avoid processed food, artificially salted. If you need some snack, try some nuts or even crunchy vegetables, like carrots.

  1. Dairy

Dairy promotes increased blood levels of androgen, which leads to excess oil production and increased potential for breakouts. With dairy, moderation is key – search for alternatives such as almond milk o sorbets, the dairy free version of ice cream.

You can also find a variety of treatments that are a great complementary measure for getting a great-looking skin. Some good examples at PAAD Wellness + Dermesthetics: skin rejuvenation & wrinkle reduction, active acne & acne scar treatment and facial service. They will highlight the amazing results you’ll get after adopting a cleaner, lighter, skin-friendly diet. Contact us to schedule an appointment!

This post contains information from this article from Teen Vogue.

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