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What To Consider Before Body Sculpting

24 Mar 2017 Body Treatments

Body sculpting in Vancouver and the high technology we use improves on a daily basis, particularly in the medical field where extensive – and intensive – research is conducted aimed toward improving equipment and technique.

Laser technology has been developed as an extremely efficient and safe method that is employed in a variety of surgical procedures. It is, today, used by dentists, in lasik eye surgery, reconstructive surgery for injury and cosmetic purposes and as an often chosen technique in body sculpting in Vancouver.

Body sculpting is an acronym from light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Sounds both impressive and a little overwhelming, yes?

But, scientific development has led to its use as a safe, powerful and effective tool. Researchers are constantly developing better technology for modern medical uses like body sculpting. The new technology has also invented new terminology for this procedure that is sometimes referred to as liposculpture.

Surgeons will employ lasers specifically calibrated to turn body fat to liquid concentrating the procedure through the top layers of a patient’s skin. The procedure will actually penetrate cells containing fat, turning this into an oily-like substance that is then removed by vacuum. The laser also seals blood vessels, instantly, as the procedure continues. An important benefit is there results in little, if any, swelling. Also, this laser body sculpting procedure produces diminished bruising and bleeding. Because this body sculpting procedure is minimally invasive, patients realize quicker results and less after-surgery complications than more traditional liposuction procedures. Additionally, as opposed to traditional procedures, less fat, if any, is ever reabsorbed.

Furthermore, laser surgery requires only the use of a local anesthesia. Traditional liposuction necessitates the patient be completely unconscious using traditional anesthesia. There are always a number of medical risks using traditional anesthesia that, through laser body sculpting, are eliminated. Plus recovery time is reduced.

Body sculpting is also an important procedure used to remove excess fat in certain body areas produced through the normal aging process. Although many seniors who have followed a healthy lifestyle employing good diet and exercise daily workouts, as time marches on fatty deposits can easily appear in many areas that were once well-toned and well-shaped.

However, any body sculpting technique will never act as a replacement for a proper weight loss program. Therefore, seniors who have not maintained a close-to-trim, lower body fat mass will not be suitable candidates for laser body sculpting.

The ideal candidate must be a person of relatively good health possessing an average body weight. A professional medical assessment will determine the exact body areas where those stubborn fatty cells refused to succumb to normal weight loss methods of exercise and diet.

Areas for body sculpting can include the neck and throat, waist and stomach as well as upper arms, thighs, knees and ankles.

The benefits found through body sculpting in Vancouver include skin tightening in the treated area, minimal swelling, faster recovery and less physical, as well as mental, trauma. The psychological benefits can be manifested in increased confidence and personal esteem which will enhance any participant’s life.

Keep in mind that any surgery, body sculpting and otherwise is a serious choice that must always be guided through consultation with a qualified surgeon.
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