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Male Stretch Marks Treatment

25 Sep 2017 Body Treatments

Male stretch marks have created a stigma that, while not widely thought of as an initial issue, is ever- present in our society. Just like women, the male body is susceptible to puberty and weight loss that triggers bouts of skin stretching that can cause marks all over the body.

This can cause psychological issues such as self-body shaming or reclusiveness in public areas such as beaches. We at PAAD strive to help all of our clients with overcoming the physical aspect of stretch marks so they can bring a sense or normality back into their lives.

Causes Of stretch marks- male

For men, one of the biggest causes of stretch marks is weight loss and, to get into specifics, muscle growth in short periods of time. The increase and decrease of muscle and fat mass cause male stretch marks to occur and become a constraint on “male beauty”. Part of PAAD’s treatment process when it comes to men is to slim down the areas of typical male fat deposits, such as the abdomen and flank to name a few. Other treatment options include toning the skin, which would make the abdomen firm and also reshape the pectoral muscles. PAAD’s combination of aggressively combating the issue of male stretch marks as well as handling it with gentle and naturally stimulating techniques helps to eliminate the problem and maintain the absence of stretch marks as a whole.

To attain a desirable physique is quite difficult in our day and age, yet with the different treatment plans offered at PAAD there is a chance that we can help create and put you on the path to your dream body. Whether it is the years of experience under our belt (over 14 years in the business) or the wide variety of tools and equipment available to us, the goal to mitigate male stretch marks can definitely be a possibility in your life.

For more information about our treatments or to book an appointment, feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help you!


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