winter care routine

Winter Care Routine

The rain and the cold has most definitely arrived to Vancouver and in just a few weeks it will be Christmas where there will be an excess of food and drink. Then the new year will arrive when you can start the year with a new purpose: to take care of your body. Pamper your body this winter. 

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Non surgical double chin reduction Vancouver , Skin treatments Vancouver

Feel more confident in your skin at Paad Wellness

Scars, keloids, warts, skin tags and rosacea can often affect a person’s confidence. The good news is the experts at Paad Wellness can help you to restore your skin confidence by reducing the image of scars, keloids warts, skin tags and rosacea. Therefore, we have many skin treatments Vancouver and can customize a plan to best suit you and your skin as we believe everyone has the right to clear skin.

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skin rejuvenation Vancouver

6 Ways to Get Glowy Skin

Skin rejuvenation Vancouver  is just one of the ways to get glowy skin. When you want to get glowy skin, there are a number of things you can implement into your regimen, as well as rejuvenation skin treatments you can get. Depending on your lifestyle, you may have to make adjustments, and include healthier habits. Let’s take a look at the things we can do to help our skin look its best!

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vancouver pigmented lesion treatment

Treating Age Spots and Sun Damage with Pigmented Lesion Treatment Vancouver

A lot of us have pigmented lesions in some form, whether it is barely visible spots from sun damage, age spots or brown patches. These can be embarrassing, especially when you want to be bare faced and without makeup. If you struggle with any form of pigmentation, Paad Wellness’s pigmented lesion treatment Vancouver can help return the clarity and evenness in your skin.

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