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Regenlite Skin Rejuvenation

24 Mar 2017 Body Treatments

Skin rejuvenation can have dramatic effects on your skin. Whether it be from the natural aging process or a battle against acne, our skin tolerates the impact of daily living. You don’t need to go under the knife to achieve transformative results and remove years of aging and scarring from your skin. Developed by Chromogenex, Regenlite Transform offers a non-invasive procedure for those looking to enhance their skin’s appearance.

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Endermologie Vancouver , Woman checking cellulite on her legs

Three steps to reduce the appearance of Cellulite

24 Mar 2017 Body Treatments

Have you ever heard of Cellulite referred to as Cottage Cheese? I guess that’s one nickname for this unwanted problem. Dr Oz said that he had three steps to reduce the appearance of Cellulite: release, restore, and rejuvenate. Check out Dr Oz’s Turkish Coffee Rub, learn why to eat red foods, and get a Golf Ball Massage.

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Paad Wellness

IPL Vancouver

24 Mar 2017 Face Treatments

IPL skin rejuvenation in Vancouver can have a major impact on your skin. Both laser skin resurfacing and IPL skin rejuvenation treatments are widely available to individuals who want to reduce the appearance of undesirable skin conditions such as scars, birthmarks, stretch marks, wrinkles.

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