Pigmented Lesion Treatment

Pigmented lesion treatment reduce pigmented lesions and restore the evenness and clarity in your skin tone, while removing age spots and brown patches on sun damaged skin using SR/SRA applicators.

Before and after treatment

SR/SRA for Color Correction

Both SR and the SRA applicators are intended for treatment of benign pigmented and vascular lesions. The targeted pigmented or vascular lesions absorb the light energy, raising the temperature of the target tissue. Then RF energy flows to the pre-heated area and elevates the temperature of the target to a safe and effective level. In the end, it provides an overall improvement in skin appearance.

What is SRA?

SRA stands for Skin Rejuvenation Advanced, it is also known as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or Photo facial. It is used to safely eliminate areas of unwanted pigmentation. Above all, this application platform allow us to cover larger areas in less time, as well as hard to reach spaces that another application could not reach.

Depending on what we treat, results can be noticeable after just one session. Most patients require more sessions, usually spaced at least three to four weeks apart.

Elos Plus

Elos Plus will completely improve your look. Elon Plus will help clear and improve your skin. Giving you a healthier and younger look.

Pigmented Lesion

Pigmented Lesion can come along with grooves in your skin. Though makeup may cover it at the beginning of the day, it might rub it off during the day, or even worse it can highlight instead of covering them out.

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What Is Medlite

The MedLite C6 represents the latest evolution of the original MedLite Laser, introduced nearly two decades ago as a secure, non-invasive solution for enhancing skin aesthetics and addressing common skin-related issues. To this day, it remains the gold standard laser for skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal worldwide. Medlite C6 is a high-quality laser system engineered to utilize PhotoAcoustic energy, offering a gentle and secure approach to treating a wide spectrum of skin concerns.


Pigmented Lesions


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