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Skin Tag Removal Vancouver is actually a very easy and safe process. By using the advanced cryo-therapy method of Cryojet , Radio frequency and the Regenlite laser, we can remove different kinds of skin lesions or benign naevi in a very precise way. Thanks to Regenlite`s effect on fast and effective healing of the scars, and stretch marks, skin tags or benign dermal papules can be removed with minimal chance of scaring.

For those who suffer from wart lesions, there is always a possibility for recurrence. By targeting the dermal wart, both from the surface (Cryo-jet) and the depth (PDL) we can treat the lesions in a safe effective way with less chance of recurrence.

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are also known as acrochordons.  They are small growths that protrude from your skin. Normally, they do not cause any pain or discomfort. Although, daily movement can produce friction, caused by jewelry or clothing, which might irritate them.

Common areas where skin tags are located

Skin tags are small, they are usually 2 to 4 centimetres, however, some can grow more than 5 centimetres. Once formed, they typically do not get any bigger. Here are some common areas where skin tags are located:

  • Underams
  • Under the breast
  • Under the eye
  • Around the groin area
  • On the neck

Skin Tags Causes

Diabetes – People with diabetes are more likely to have and to develop skin tags. The glucose level fluctuations and changing hormones can interfere with your skin cells. The presence of skin tags is associated with insulin resistance and a high body mass index.

Obesity – Skin tags are one of the several discomforts an overweight individual suffer. It often occurs in problem areas like the inner thighs, armpits, and stomach because is where there is continual rubbing of skin folds.

Friction – people with a larger shape have less space between their clothing and their skin, as well as skin-to-skin contact. The more you rub your skin with daily movements, the more you are likely to develop skin tags.

Pregnancy – As a result of hormonal fluctuations and other alterations as weight gain, pregnant women are more likely to develop skin tags. Usually, they appear near the belly, where your skin has changed.

Aging – Skin tags happen because collagen becomes less active as we age and our skin begins to sag, that is why chances are higher to develop skin tags after a certain age.

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