Stretch mark laser treatment

Stretch mark laser treatment by Regenlite

What is the Stretch Mark laser treatment?

The Stretch marks laser treatment uses powerful Regenlite procedures that act on the skin in order to soften the appearance of the stretch marks.  Paad Wellness is proud to be the one and only one clinic to offer Regenlite procedures for stretch mark reduction in Vancouver.

This treatment is completely non-invasive and does not require general or local anesthesia. It does not wound the surface of the skin.

The yellow light laser beam targets the microvessels under the skin surface, stimulating new collagen growth. There is no pain associated with this procedure.

The patient can see the improvement gradually over the course of three to four months.

When do stretch marks occur?

The stretch marks are the result of a sudden stretching of the skin and are extremely common. Anyone can develop stretch marks, although they tend to affect more women than men.

This dermatological scarring tends to occur with:

  • Pregnancy
  • Puberty
  • Obesity
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Weightlifting
  • Numerous medical conditions
  • Hormonal problems


How to potential the effects the Stretch Mark laser treatment?

Lymphatic Drainage Vancouver is a treatment with results proven to work effectively.

LPG MÉCANO-STIMULATION effectively and painlessly stimulates lymphatic circulation. The results of this exclusive technique have been scientifically proven: it is three times faster than manual lymphatic drainage.

By combining two green beauty methods of Regenlite and LPG Endermo-message we can stimulate affected dermis to produce natural collagen and elastin fibers to offer you the best and most up-to-date stretch mark reduction treatment. New collagen and elastin fill the beneath the atrophic skin and regain its healthy smooth look.

Contact us to book an appointment with one of our experts for a consultation about stretch mark reduction and to receive a plan tailored to your individual needs.

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