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Three steps to reduce the appearance of Cellulite

24 Mar 2017 Body Treatments

Have you ever heard of Cellulite referred to as Cottage Cheese? I guess that’s one nickname for this unwanted problem. Dr Oz said that he had three steps to reduce the appearance of Cellulite: release, restore, and rejuvenate. Check out Dr Oz’s Turkish Coffee Rub, learn why to eat red foods, and get a Golf Ball Massage.

Can You Make Cellulite Disappear?

Lori said that she does not remember how long she has had cellulite, but she has not had success with lotions. Weight loss helped her overall health, but it did not do anything about Cellulite.

There is no magic bullet that will actually make Cellulite disappear, but you can reduce its appearance. Just go step by step to learn what Dr Oz has in mind.

Turkish Coffee Rub, Golf Ball Massage & Red Foods

Dr Oz shared a three-step treatment process for Cellulite, using a Turkish Coffee Rub, the nutrients in red foods, and a Golf Ball Massage for best results.

Turkish Coffee Rub Remedy to Release Cellulite Fat

Dimpling on the butt is common when fat pokes through collagen under the skin. Lori called them moon craters. Beneath the skin, collagen forms something like a netting, but fat can break through that sometimes as well. The best solution is to release the underlying fat that is causing the problem.

One way you can reduce the fat is by using a Turkish Coffee Rub. Turkish Coffee is more coarse than American coffee, but it works well when made into a thick paste with sugar and water. This can stimulate fat breakdown beneath the skin, as well as brightening the skin.

This process will take a few weeks to get good results, but it’s an affordable solution.

Eat Red Foods to Restore Collagen

The next step is to restore the collagen under the skin and thicken it up to hold fat cells in place and prevent the appearance of more cellulite. To do this, you want Collagen to be as strong and flexible as possible.

Red foods can help you boost your collagen. These are foods that contain Vitamin C and Lycopene, such as:

  • Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Tomatoes
  • Red Peppers
  • Watermelon

Collagen needs both of these nutrients, so make two servings per day a part of your daily diet.

Golf Ball Massage to Rejuvenate Skin

How can you rejuvenate the skin as the third step of Dr Oz’s collagen remedy? Enjoy a Golf Ball Massage. Dip a golf ball in olive oil and massage it in areas where you have Cellulite. This technique stimulates circulation, giving more blood to the skin and fat cells. It can also reduce dimpling, and it has fast results.

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