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Did you know that warts are a living virus within your body? It can take a few months or years until warts fade away, but even still, it’s not guaranteed. As the summer time approaches, you’re probably thinking about going for a swim. How about the hot tub with your friends? Well, if they knew that the wart virus can spread, they probably wouldn’t jump in with you. Having a wart can be aesthetically unappealing and physically painful at times when pressure is applied. So how do you know if is really a wart?

Wart Symptoms And Treatments

Warts are caused by a virus called Human papillomavirus (HPV). There are over 100 kinds of HPV that can lead to the formation of a wart. HPV is usually found through warm, damp places such as shower rooms, swimming pools, changing room floors. Although most warts that form on hands and feet are harmless, other warts such as genital warts may lead to cervical cancer – a life-threatening issue that requires immediate attention. Warts that form in common pressure points can also be painful.

HPV usually enters through a cracked area of skin, which then infects the top layer forming a wart. The virus can also be spread by being in contact with items that are shared such as a towel, razor, or brush. Most warts fade away after a few months or years – even still, it is not guaranteed. Our wart removal treatment center in Vancouver BC removes the virus so that it does not continue to spread and infect in other areas or other people.

Factors That Risk Warts

Sensitive Immune Systems
When your immune system is weak, viruses are able to hijack your health system just like a cold catching on in your weakest state.

Typically younger children and adults receive warts. However, most warts go away as you age.

Walking barefoot
Areas that are damp and come in contact with skin poses a risk for the virus infection.

Towels, razors, brushes or anything that comes in contact with the virus can be spread by physical contact.

Open Wounds
Any areas that are open, either from a cut, biting on nails, makes it vulnerable to infection.

Sweaty Feet
Wearing tight shoes that have little breathability creates a damp environment for viruses to travel.


Signs of a Wart Infection

Warts come in different sizes and shapes. It can be either be bulging or flat and smooth. Typically, blood vessels begin to grow towards the center of the wart to supply it with blood. Once it reaches the core, common and plantar warts generally appear as a black dot.

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