Body sculpting in Vancouver

What Is Body Contouring?

Body Contouring Vancouver is a way to shape your body with the use of advanced technology right in the comfort of our clinic. The massaging motion of our LPG- Lipomassage technology helps to eliminate cellulite while sculpting and shaping your body and the areas where even the toughest fat resides.

With the LPG- Lipomassage, you can permanently eliminate stubborn fat stores on your body – from arms, thighs and buttocks to the stomach and back area. After just six 35 minute sessions, you will begin to see visible results and a genuinely transformation!

How We Eliminate Cellulite

When it comes to cellulite, you have probably noticed that it is more common in women than it is in men, which is all due to the hormone estrogen. Women have a different fat structure and with the addition of estrogen and the lack of testosterone, it is the perfect combination for the storage of fat around the thigh and buttocks area.

With this, blood circulations lows down and stagnation occurs, creating an orange peel effect on the skin. In order to eliminate the cellulite, LPG-Lipomassage massages the skin and stimulates blood flow to the skin, so the body’s natural physiology can work towards eliminating it.    

Eliminating Resistant Fat

Eliminating fat that is resistant to diet and exercise works the same way as it does for cellulite. The LPG-Lipomassage reactivates tissue through a stimulating massage. It triggers a deep biological response which softens fat cells, improves lymphatic circulation and blood circulation, and activates the fat release process.

All About LPG- Lipomassage

This advanced piece of technology uses an up, down and out rolling action to exercise the septa of the skin and relax the underlying pressure. This is what results in an elimination and smoothing of the dimpled, orange-peel appearance.

Get in touch with our experts at Paad Wellness to learn more about our Body Contouring Vancouver treatments and begin your journey to a newfound confidence.

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