winter care routine

Winter Care Routine

The rain and the cold has most definitely arrived to Vancouver and in just a few weeks it will be Christmas where there will be an excess of food and drink. Then the new year will arrive when you can start the year with a new purpose: to take care of your body. Pamper your body this winter. 

Is there anything better than indulging and occasionally thinking about ourselves? Investing in your own well-being is investing in your future, and our health should be an important part of our lives throughout the year.

Nowadays, staying fit and healthy is becoming easier and more comfortable. There’s gyms for everyone and we also have good, healthy options that can help you in an important way. However, sometimes you need extra help when the healthy eating and exercising just is not enough. Paad Wellness can do that.

Have you lost enough weight but now have flaccid skin? Body slimming, body contouring and body sculpting Vancouver helps you to reduce excess skin and fat after losing a significant amount of weight.

Maybe your problem is cellulite, something totally common but can be improved with treatments like the new Vellashape III which has just arrived to Paad Wellness. This treatment reduces dimpling caused by cellulite, shrinks fat cells and improve skin texture on the thighs, abdomen, and flanks.

For any of these treatments you can visit Paad Wellness, and book your free consultation. We will check your needs and find a treatment that will best suit you.

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