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What are stretch marks?

24 Jan 2018 Body Treatments

Stretch marks are caused by gaining weight, birth, or growing muscles. If you have got stretch marks once, it takes a very long time for stretch marks to disappear without any treatment. However, we can offer stretch mark treatment Vancouver with which your stretch marks disappear, and your skin will look clearer after our treatment. You can show your skin confidently when you wear swimwear, short pants, or tank tops. Let’s see the details about stretch mark treatment Vancouver.


What are stretch marks?

First of all, stretch marks are a kind of scar which looks like parallel lines on the skin. Quick growth, quick weight gain, or pregnancy advance the skin tear. Stretch marks appear anywhere such as the stomach, upper arms, or buttocks. There is no perfect strategy to prevent stretch marks. However, if you try to eat well and healthy and exercise regularly, it would help prevent stretch marks by rapid weight gain.

How does stretch marks treatment work?

Our stretch mark treatment Vancouver uses Regenlite and LPG Endermo-massage to boost collagen and elastin, which makes newer stretch marks disappear. Your skin will look heathy, smooth and clear after after these treatments!


What are the differences between our stretch marks treatments and other treatments?

There are several solutions for stretch marks. On one side, tretinoin cream which regenerates collagen and faster cell renewal, works for your newer stretch marks. If you are pregnant, you should avoid to use this one. On the other hand, microdermabrasion which peels and reveals your skin, works for older stretch marks and makes your skin thin. Our stretch mark treatment, however, makes your skin thicker and healthier.


Our stretch marks removal Vancouver will give you back the confidence of your skin. Not only will it fade your stretch marks, but will also give your skin a healthy glow, even glow. If you want to know more information about our treatments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about our offers!

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